Marcus Thesing Artist in Glass

Blown Glass sandblasted, 11 W x 14 H x 3 D
"Topaz Wave"

Playing with fire is a passion for Marcus Thesing. The centerpiece of His Laguna Canyon studio is a fire breathing furnace with an average temperature of 2,100 degrees. Using a process that traces its roots back to ancient times, Marcus is able to turn blobs of molten glass into glorious works of art inspired by his love for nature.

Born and raised in Southern California, Marcus was interested in art from a young age.  His father, a sculptor, led him to try working in three dimensions. This, combined with his interest in nature, has been a big influence in his art. 

As a teen, he hiked around California with his father, surfed and took classes in geology. During his college years, he explored many kinds of art including figurative sculpture, drawing, computer graphics, photography, painting and bronze casting.

It was when he met internationally known glass artist John Barber that Marcus became hooked on the art of glass blowing. He then spent twelve years working with Barber first as an apprentice then as an assistant.

Finally, in 2003, Marcus was able to set up his own studio in Wildomar, California, but when the drive from his home in Laguna Beach and the Inland Empire heat proved too much he was fortunate to be able to partner with fellow glass blower Gavin Heath to open a studio in Laguna Canyon.

Throughout the years, Marcus has developed his style of glass work by going back to his love for

Blown glass wall sculpture

 nature. The colors, patterns and shapes in his glass form an organic look that invites the viewer to look both outside and inside of the form.

Marcus has a worldwide collector base and has exhibited at shows throughout the southwest including the La Quinta Arts Festival. He and his wife Sarvi Hosseini, a jeweler, regularly exhibit at the Laguna Sawdust Festival. He also exhibits at the Laguna Festival of the Arts.  Marcus has received many awards for his work.

Art, for Heaven’s Sake is thrilled to feature this renowned artist for the 2017 festival.


Sarvi Hosseini Jewelry Artist

“I treat my work as a sculpture.  I spend an incredible amount of time on the details of my work whether it be the finishing work or getting that stone set just perfectly, it’s all in the details.” This is the essence of Sarvi’s dedication to the making of jewelry.

Copper Pendant

Using the process of lost wax casting, Sarvi creates wax models which are then imbedded in a plaster mixture called an investment. Once the plaster hardens, she is able to put it into a kiln and slowly bring the temperature to 1500 degrees which burns out all the wax. Once the wax is gone, she melts metal and, using centrifugal force, shoots it into the mold to create a sculpture for jewelry.

Sarvi also fabricates metal using various techniques such as hammering, forging, soldering, stone-setting. In addition, at times, she chooses to enamel glass onto the metal to add a dimension of color or adds leather to create a different tactile experience.

Drawn to art at an early age, Sarvi loved watching her mother sew and developed a love for fashion design. In high school she became interested in ceramics and sculpture and went on to participate in a summer program at the Otis Art Institute where she studied visual arts particularly still life.

Ring with tree of life motif
Tree of Life Ring Set with Rhodolite Garnet

Finally, she took a class in lost wax casting and became hooked on making jewelry. All of her past art experience came together and she felt like she had been preparing her whole life to become a jeweler. After further developing her metalsmithing techniques, she merged her sense of fashion design and her experience with ceramic and painting into working with metal.

Sarvi is inspired by nature which is an ongoing theme in her jewelry. She is especially drawn to trees as that is what her name means in Farsi. She is also inspired by people, places and, most recently, modern art.

When asked why she chose to be an artist, Sarvi replied, "It's the only job I've ever had where it doesn't feel like work. I love to wake up every day and create. It's what I was born to do."

Like her husband, Marcus Thesing, Sarvi has exhibited throughout the southwest at shows including the La Quinta Arts Festival.  She is also a regular at the Laguna Sawdust Festival each year.