Local artist Terrie Burian’s passion is for making jewelry inspired by nature.

Her mother was a Cherokee Native American, and she feels that that is where her desire to create Native American styles jewelry comes from.

Self-taught, Terrie never knows how a piece will turn out until she picks up a stone to use. She loves using organic materials and wire and thinks these materials keep the link to her mother alive.

She’s been a dedicated Yosemite camper since 1955 and has never missed a year. In addition to Yosemite, Terrie loves visiting Quartzite, Mammoth, Bishop, and the Crawley Lake area. In these places, you will see her with her head down looking for stones to use in her jewelry.

Terrie uses a technique called wire wrapping to produce pieces for her Boulder Creek Jewelry.

By combining various materials such as copper and silver wire and exquisite natural stones she is able to create pieces that she sees in the “artistic gallery within her mind”.