PaintingElisa Arancibia

 “For me painting is a necessity, is like breathe, eat, exist.”

Elisa’s paintings use sketches from life and from her imagination, backed up by photographs and memories. The paintings are dialogue between the observed and the remembered, the planned and the surprise that happens on the canvas. They are the starting point for the exciting process of painting, which is as much about imagination and experience as, about the rendering of specific landscape locations.

Elisa uses oil paint on canvas panels trying to show a glimpse of life realistic seascapes, landscapes and urban scenes, capturing a sense of time and place, light and space in California.


Light is the main focus of most of her paintings, but she also loves to depict water. She enjoys the way in which light is reflected and the patterns created by the ripples. She enjoys painting a variety of subjects matter such as landscapes, seascapes, urban scenes, people, nature, animals, etc. Her goal is to paint with a freshness, energy and expression.