Acrylic Painter Elizabeth Jaegar-Rydall

“A peak experience was selling a painting to a patron who hung it next to an original Picasso sketch.”

Elizabeth began painting large things in her childhood—her brother’s fish house, a demolition derby car, a huge water bin and the inside of her Mom’s dress shop. These experiences were some of the most vivid of her early years because the impulse to express with paint was so intensely present.

High school brought sales of watercolor paintings depicting the rural area of Minnesota she grew up in, surrounded by the beauty of lakes and small farms. Always interested in contemplation, and ideas of a spiritual nature, she also painted people in acts of solitude and thought.

At Moorhead State University she became a guerilla painter and one night broke into the storage closet of her dorm, confiscated whatever paint was available and went at the walls of the common room. Much to her surprise she was not ousted from school, but instead asked to do more!

Then, in her junior and senior she years won the recognition of “Best Watercolorist at Moorhead State University” while she also became involved in theatre and dance. She graduated with a degree in Art with many extra art credits—40 of them in watercolor.

While working as an actor in Los Angeles, Elizabeth became interested in a painter’s co-op and began showing and selling pieces of fine art. A peak experience was selling a painting to a patron who hung it next to an original Picasso sketch.
Throughout the  years she has won many awards and also done many murals on the walls of Academy of the Canyons, United Jewish Appeal, Santa Clarita Valley International School, First Serve Tennis, The Paseo Club, etc.

While continuing to paint on very large blank spaces, she grew interested in mixing mediums, exhibiting in galleries and creating an online store which I now has at

As a thirty year meditator, she attempts to communicate the
beauty and peace found in that realm of experience.