Artist Application & Information

“Art, for Heaven’s Sake!” is the premier art festival of the Redlands area. This show provides a showcase for the artist to exhibit and sell work in an inviting setting. The event begins with a gala reception on Friday evening, including hors d’ oeuvres and musical entertainment. Artists are present to meet and visit with our over 2000 guests and customers who attend during the course of the festival. Over the years, this festival has proven its value. In 15 hours of operation, the festival grosses over $100,000…our customers come ready to buy!

Application Form: Artist-Application-2019

Space Allocation: The booth space is approximately 10’ by 10’. Your exhibit must conform to the high standards of the festival. You must include a photograph or detailed plan of your exhibit with your application.

Publicity: We provide publicity, including social media, the Internet, our website, newspaper, radio, and cable TV. In addition, over 5000 announcement cards are mailed throughout Southern California. You may request these cards to mail or send us your mailing list and we will mail them with our bulk mail at no cost to you.

Registration Deadline: The show must receive your application including no more than three detailed photographs of the type of work you plan to show and a photograph or detailed layout of your exhibit by June 24, 2019. Artists will be notified of their selection by the third week of July.

Fees: The entry fee of $100.00 must be included with your application.  Your canceled check is your notification that your application has been received.  If you are NOT juried into the show you will receive a full refund.   There is a 20% commission on work sold.

Publicity: The festival provided publicity for the show. This includes newspaper, radio, Cable TV and social media.  In addition the festival prints and mails over 5000 announcement cards throughout Southern California.

Sales: Artists must be present at their exhibit area to write-up sales and interact with customers. The show provides cashiers and Master Card and Visa are accepted. All sales tax is collected and paid by the festival.

Security: The festival does NOT insure your artwork. However, a security service is on duty whenever the festival is not in progress.

Set-up: This is an indoor/outdoor festival. You must provide your own display boards, pedestals, showcases, and lighting. The festival provides lighting for Friday and Saturday evenings but it is not adequate to fully display artwork.

Canopies - If you supply your own canopy, it must be 10 x 10' and either blue or white with straight legs.  If you need a canopy supplied by the show, there is a $35.00 charge for the weekend.

Website/Social Media: Upon acceptance to the festival, each artist will be requested to send at least four photos of artwork to be placed on the website.