A Guide to Viewing the Virtual Show

  • Check out the front page. Here you will find the “Featured Artist of the Day including a video that will take you on a virtual studio tour for that artist.

  • Continue scrolling down the page to learn about the show and the history of Art, for Heaven’s Sake!.

  • With a bit more scrolling you will come to the Art, for Heaven’s Sake! Virtual Experience.  Click where it says “View all Artists”.

  • Here you will see bios and pictures of all the artists who have joined the show to date.  (More will be added with time)

  • If you click on the artist’s picture, you will be taken to a separate page for the artist.  Here you will find samples of their art, a video of their studio tour, and contact information. In addition, many artists also have links to their websites and Facebook and Instagram pages where you can learn more.

  • In the lower-left of the page, you will find the artist’s contact information and price range.

  • To buy art, contact the artist.