Art QuiltingLynn Hanna

“She is intrigued and fascinated with textures and shapes found in nature”

Lynn is an art quilter.  With fabric as her medium, she stitches art pieces using traditional quilting techniques.  The finished product is meant to hang on a wall.

A variety of fabrics, organic shapes, curved lines, and quilted details capture the viewer’s attention to her abstract art quilts.  She is intrigued and fascinated with textures and shapes found in nature, like tree bark, water movement, or rock formations.  Occasionally she portrays the actual image, but more often, she interprets the image as an abstract impression that reflects her mood and feelings about the subject.  Lynn use colors and shapes to help the viewer experience the art intuitively, on a visceral level.

Lynn is passionate about living gently and sustainably to protect natural systems on our planet, so her art often has an underlying environmental message as well. She strives to create images that require the viewer to see the subject in a new way.  She wants to evoke a feeling of wonder and appreciation from the viewer.  As the viewer interprets the image through their own life’s filter, she not only wants to awaken their awareness of our earth’s beauty; but also understand our earth’s environmental balances are in jeopardy.

$150.00 to about $700.00, based on the size.