Bead JewelryMarilyn Aronson

” I get so attached to what I do (a labor of love), that I just want to keep everything.”

Marilyn has been doing sculptural beadwork for over twenty years. She loves color, and she loves the very tiny glass beads.

Twenty years ago, Marilyn was walking down Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, and she saw a beaded necklace in a quilt store. She went into the store to find out if they gave lessons. They didn’t. The necklace was wonderful, and she wanted to learn how to do it.

Marilyn went home to Las Vegas and found a bead store that gave lessons. For her first piece, she couldn’t even thread the needle. However, she made a large piece, which she thought was wonderful.

Later she went into a bead store in Seattle wearing a necklace she had created, and¬† ¬†showed the owner of the shop the piece she made from a pattern in a magazine. The owner said, “I am the designer!” Marilyn was floored. She remade the necklace with the help of the designer, and from that moment on, she was hooked.