Slide 44th Annual
Art, for Heaven's Sake!
October 13-15, 2023
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2022 Featured Artist

Cynthia Fletcher

Cynthia Fletcher’s oil painting celebrates the beauty of light traveling over forms. Light and shadow describe and lend drama to every sort of object.  She paints portraits, still lives and plant studies.

Cynthia employs the methods and materials of traditional oil painting, working on both wood panel and canvas. She works from life when possible, setting up and lighting subjects in the studio and occasionally paint in plein air. She also takes photos when hiking that she uses as source material later at her easel.

Meet Cynthia Fletcher!

About Art, for Heaven’s Sake!

Art, for Heaven’s Sake! is a three-day annual art festival held in historic Redlands, California on the grounds and gardens of the Redlands United Church of Christ. The Redlands United Church of Christ holds this event to support the arts and the community.

This premiere art festival of the Inland Empire features 80 plus artists representing a wide variety of media, including acrylics, photography, watercolor, oils, stained glass, jewelry, pottery, and metal sculpture.

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