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2024 Featured Artist

Carolyn Machado

About Carolyn

Carolyn Machado creates mixed media and Mosaic Assemblages. She feels that her life as an artist has allowed her to be creative in several different mediums. She works with paper, repurposed materials, broken pottery, or beads. She puts them together in an order that is not only visually pleasing but allows her to tell a story and/or give the viewer a moment of pause or reflection.

Carolyn’s inspiration comes from diverse cultures, which gives her pieces an ethnic feel. However, the pieces do not represent any one culture, but a combination of cultures. She is especially fascinated with the beautiful simplicity of line, design, and sensitivity of the Asian Aesthetic.

She finds that she is intrigued by the natural aging process and the imperfections she finds in the recycled materials that she uses. She strives to ensure that each item’s odd beauty and fascination remain when incorporated into her art.

Her challenge is always to find beauty and harmony and a potential story in things that are discarded by others.

Carolyn has exhibited at the Laguna Festival of Arts for the past 20 years.


Instagram: Carolyn Machado 7180

About Art, for Heaven’s Sake!

Art, for Heaven’s Sake! is a three-day annual art festival held in historic Redlands, California on the grounds and gardens of the Redlands United Church of Christ. The Redlands United Church of Christ holds this event to support the arts and the community.

This premiere art festival of the Inland Empire features 80 plus artists representing a wide variety of media, including acrylics, photography, watercolor, oils, stained glass, jewelry, pottery, and metal sculpture.

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