Crochet ArtCarol MacFarland

“I decided to learn to crochet so I could have my characters beside me to motivate me.” 

When Carol retired from teaching she wanted to write a children’s book, but couldn’t get started. So she decided to learn to crochet so she could have her characters beside her to motivate her. Didn’t happen, but she loved crocheting and she loves children, so there was her new passion.

Carol crochets things she knows children and their parents (even some adults) would like, from elephants to unicorns, kittens to donkeys, rabbits to lions, fairies to peacocks. She has even yarn-bombed a child’s wooden chair-a beautiful piece of art or a flower-garden to sit in. She often takes a pattern and embellishes it with her own ideas, or she takes an idea and works it to perfection, to wit, one of her latest creations, a colorful unicorn in its matching backpack.

Carol is loving how retirement has enabled her to find another outlet for her for children.