Oil PainterChristine White

” I want the owners of my paintings to feel a celebration when they are with the painting, and feel that energy flow into their daily activities”

Christine creates representational oil paintings that intersect fine art and positive imagery. At first glance, the paintings are colorful portrayals of Southern California life: landscapes, plants, people and creatures. But they are designed with more in mind.

Christine’s work is meant to be a two-way experience: paintings that are not just enjoyable to behold, but call the viewer into a positive mental space where they experience both the beauty of the painting, and the beauty of the one’s own spirit.

Her mission is to encourage, refresh, and befriend viewers and collectors through her work. She wants the owners of her paintings to feel a celebration when they are with the painting and feel that energy flows into their daily activities.

Every work is one of a kind, as she does not offer digital prints. The energy of real paint strokes is part of the connection process of viewers with each piece.

The lush paint application on archival canvas makes for art that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.