PotteryDavid Porras

” I simply enjoy making things from clay.  When someone likes my work, there is no dispute and gratification rules the day.”

David Porras has been privileged to be a part of Art for Heaven’s Sake! since 2006. He has always been excited to be in the company of so many outstanding local artists and to talk with patrons as he demonstrated the throwing process.

David Porras’  love for hand thrown pottery began while studying under Robert Karlinsey at Loyola University and while studying under Neil Moss at El Camino College in Los Angeles, California. He improved his throwing skills working as a production potter at factories in Carson and Santa Monica, California.  Then, he opened his own studio in Playa del Rey, making and selling functional stoneware.  His later influence and introduction to working with porcelain was inspired by Master Potter, Tom Coleman.

He currently works from his home Studio in Yucaipa where his primary interest still lies in gas reduction firing with over 100 different kinds of glazes.  Of late, he is exploring a variety of stoneware clays and developing strategies for electric firing.  In the past two years, he has attended wood firing workshops in North Carolina with his friend and mentor, Tom Coleman, which has afforded him another area of exploration and challenge.

Many years ago, a neighbor asked David’s then five year old son, what his dad did for a living.  His son knew that his job was “attorney”, so that is how he answered.  Now, his son had only seen his father working on pottery in his garage studio, so when asked,  “What does an attorney do?”, he said that an attorney makes pots.  And he was correct.  David is also a partner with the law firm of Varner and Brandt in Riverside, California.  He has been a civil trial attorney for the past 32 years.  His current litigation practice is on behalf of a major local retail company.  He is admitted to practice before all courts in California.

He currently works from his home Studio in Yucaipa, California.