Oil PainterRuhi Aksoy

“I try to make the brush dance and the lively colors of paint almost  sing. Capturing that magic I see is  my inspiration, it means everything  to me.”


Ruhi Aksoy became addicted to fine arts at a young age. His surroundings were realistic and the colors developed Ruhi’s dreamy  side.

During his studies at Peterborough Technical College Ruhi tried to  satisfy both sides by being interested in football and painting, however  he spent most of his business life in the marketing sector.

Ruhi believes that there is no such thing as ‘art’. There are only artists.  “Some people once scribbled roughly bison pictures on the wall of a  cave with colored earth; today some of them buy paint and paint walls or  wooden curtains and produce many other things. There is no harm in  defining all these activities as art, as long as it is not forgotten that this  word can have different meanings depending on the place and time.”

Ruhi’s work primarily is in Oil on Canvas and he currently works from  Southern California and Istanbul.

Instagram: @ruhioilart 
Email: RRA.AKSOY@icloud.com