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Oil PainterShelee Maeda

 “It’s All about Nature! God’s wonderful creation .  Without nature there is no life . “

 Illuminating Nature’s Essence

Meet Shelee, the visionary oil painter whose art breathes life into the shadows and light of nature. From an early age, Shelee immersed herself in Japanese Calligraphy, a passion that shaped her artistic journey. Her remarkable talent emerged during elementary school when she won an award for a profound watercolor piece promoting a smoke-free environment for the local fire department.

Shelee’s true magic unfolds on canvas through oil painting. With every brush stroke she captures the intricate balance between darkness and light found in nature’s embrace. Her canvases become gateways to a world where contrasts converge, inviting viewers to embrace life’s myriad facets. Shelee’s destiny is undeniable – as a master of Japanese Calligraphy and an oil painting virtuoso, she passionately brings nature’s beauty to life on the canvas, inviting us to see the profound connection between art and existence.

Contact: Instagram: shelee_arts

Contact: Instagram: shelee_arts