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The Artists 2022

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2019 Featured Artist

Joseph Stoddard is known for his colorful and energetic watercolor paintings. He delivers exciting architecture, edgy sketches, and vivid colors in his work. Because of Joseph’s impressionistic interpretation of the subject matter, the observer experiences fluid movement and visually stimulating scenes. Joseph has been painting for thirty years and loves to portray the urban jungle, natural landscapes, and diverse architecture.

Joseph Stoddard has authored many books: Pasadena Sketchbook, Redlands Sketchbook, Expressive

Color, and Expressive Painting. He has also been featured in Art of Watercolor, Studios Magazine, and Watercolor Artist Magazine. Joseph has done cover artwork for Westways Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, and Many Moons Press and urban paintings for the Historical Society of Southern California. In addition, his art studio is featured in The Man Cave Book.

To see more of Joseph’s work , please visit his website:

Leslee Adams is a professional chef by trade. She was raised in Palm Springs. She earned her pastry diploma the Ritz Escoffier, Paris in 1990. After that, she returned to California to work as the assistant pastry chef at the Ritz Huntington Hotel. Later, Leslee moved back to Palm Springs and started her catering/pastry business. As a chef, she created table displays with an artist’s eye.

She took up watercolor painting in 2002 as a relaxing outlet in life. Her passion began with a stroke of the brush. Her paintings are vibrant and dance with color. Her bold paintings of desert landscapes, still life, cactus, florals, food, missions, and wineries have a dramatic style and texture rarely seen in watercolors.

Leslee has been a member of the Coachella Valley Watercolor Society since 2004. She has received many awards including Painter of the Year. Leslee exhibits widely and has shown and sold her work at the La Q Quinta Arts Festival and the Indian Wells Arts Festival where she was the 2019 featured poster artist. In addition, Leslee shows at the Southwest Arts Festival, Artwalk San Diego, the Redlands Festival of Arts, Palo Alto Fine Arts, Scottsdale, Thousand Oaks Artwalk, Los Altos Art in the Park, and in Denver, Colorado.

Leslee uses Daniel Smith watercolor paints, 300 lb. Arches paper, and black velvet brushes to create her vibrant work.

Phone: 760-322-9878

Don Britton is an award-winning artist whose work is based on the landscapes and seascapes of the American West. 

Encompassing both Plein air and studio paintings, his work has been featured in International Artist Magazine and can be found in beautiful homes across the US.  Several of his paintings have also been selected for installation in United States Embassies abroad. 

Phone: 775-833-1094

Although skilled in a variety of media, artist Julie R. Evans prefers to work in oils. She paints realistic scenes that are little slices of life. Her main inspiration is the natural world and day-to-day life, and she is often struck by spontaneous observations that produce successful paintings.

Much of the pleasure she gets from painting comes from finding and capturing the beautiful things and peaceful moments that she discovers during her explorations of surrounding communities.  Julie describes her own style as between impressionism and realism.

Evans lives in Highland and has always lived in the Inland Empire. She has been painting for more than 30 years and actively displays her work throughout the region.

Julie has been painting since she was 11 years old. When she showed an interest in painting when she was very young, her mother arranged to have her start oil painting lessons from a neighbor who lived a block from where she grew up in Loma Linda.

Though oil painting remains her preferred medium, she does use watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal at times. Sometimes, she explains, a subject just needs to be treated with a different medium to give the result and effects she is looking for.

Much of her work is drawn from the natural world. She usually paints quiet and still objects or landscapes as opposed to busy city scenes.

Phone: (909) 864-2461

Marie has been creating art all her life. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and has been a public school teacher for 30 years. 

Marie creates, using ink on wood. Anything wood will do. She has worked in watercolors, acrylics, paper crafts, and clay sculpture. Her style is a little bohemian, a little traditional, a little fantasy; always colorful. She finds inspiration in life and all that surrounds her. Every piece is hand created by Marie.


Adele Johnson discovered her love of jewelry at a very early age. “I remember finding my parents’ copy of National Geographic that featured the treasures of King Tut. I was absolutely fascinated by the jewelry. “

She went on to earn her degree in history and in the last 20 years has incorporated her love of ancient cultures into much of her jewelry.

Having recently returned from living in Switzerland, Adele has re-joined the Redlands art community with a renewed sense of inspiration. She primarily works in precious metals, pearls, and precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Patty Mariano Denning started Big Sister’s Jewelry in Redlands California over 20 years ago. Each piece is influenced by her international travel which exposes her to a variety of cultures, architecture, customs, and religions.

Forty years of scuba diving has sent her to faraway beaches and to the underwater world where she has collected sea glass and discarded shells that she uses to create wearable art.

As a self-taught artist, Patty also uses Venetian glass, amber, hand-carved African beads, various semi-precious stones, and sterling silver. This variety of materials is what drives her creativity.

Patty continues to hear comments from return customers about how much they enjoy seeing the changing styles in her work. Artists support artists and Patty enjoys the friendship and inspiration she receives from fellow jewelry artists.

Big Sister’s Jewelry offers handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces for the adventurous spirit because life is too short to wear boring jewelry.  You can see more of Patty’s jewelry at Big Sister’s Jewelry on Facebook.

Lynn Mudd was born in London England. She moved to the States when she was nine years old. Lynn was first exposed to ceramic art in high school. She took many college art classes then detoured into photography and real estate career. Finally, she returned her focus to clay and its endless possibilities.

Clay has always possessed the ability to bring her peace. She finds the cool, damp texture both inspiring and calming. her work is comprised of art pieces, functional work, and sculpture. Pieces are both wheel-thrown and hand-built, often a combination of both. Lynn is fully involved in the process from start to finish, developing glazes, and firing all of her work in her studio.

Her love of textured clay combined with her appreciation of the power of words inspired her collection of inspirational plaques that she calls “Written in Mudd”. Each ceramic plaque is handmade and one of a kind containing a thought or message that spoke to her.

In addition, Lynn finds weaving to be the perfect companion art to ceramics. Having always been intrigued by texture, fiber offers her a new medium in which to explore and create tactile art. She particularly enjoys pairing the two and creating original wall hangings.

Lynn would like to thank you for taking the time to view her work, what you see here is just a small sample.


Dee Dee Seek is a ceramic hand builder. She focuses on home items, practical in nature, made using brighter, happier colors. Though she worked with clay as a college student, her real passion developed about four years before she retired from her career in funeral service.

Clay play has become her retirement career destination, and she is having quite an adventurous time because of it!  However, this past year has been an incredible challenge for all of us, at best. Between the stay at home orders with the pandemic and excessively hot weather inhibiting the firing of her kilns, she fell behind on her normal creative schedule. So, when she took a spill and broke her arm, earlier in the year, she had to just accept that she would be running a bit behind her self- expectations.

What this all means is that she will be posting new items as they are completed on both the AFHS website, as well as her Facebook page through the remainder of the year.

She is happy to take commissions and appreciates your support of Art, for Heaven’s Sake!

Phone: 951-534-3438

David’s first exposure to glass-forming was at California State University, Fullerton.  In 1983, while working on a Bachelor’s degree in Art, he decided to take the glass-forming class and became captured by the medium.  He experimented with many different techniques and made attempts at combining them.

For instance, fusing with blowing and casting with blowing.  Glass casting became the dominant method used for his Master’s degree exhibition in the fall of 1990.  After that, he opened his own studio and began blowing glass pieces again.

Around that time, Dave began applying to fairs and festivals locally around Southern California.  Then he was invited to participate at a Renaissance festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There he had a large space to exhibit his work and demonstrate to the public for seven weekends during August and September.  The fair drew between twenty to forty thousand people on the weekend days and his demonstrations would have well over 200 people watching.  Dave engaged them verbally during the demonstration using a wireless microphone explaining processes and each step of the glass piece he was making.

In 2004, Dave had the opportunity to return to CSU, Fullerton to teach glass forming for several years as an adjunct teacher.  It was fascinating how the students were hungry for information and just about anything he said got their attention.  He enjoyed the opportunity and was happy that quite a few of those students continued working with glass after graduating.

Dave retired from the Renaissance fair in 2009. He began participating in fairs and festivals around the mid-west and western region, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, just to name a few, and then show locally around southern California where he lives and has his studio.

2020/21 Featured Artist

Barbara Bond has been working with stained-glass for 45 years. She began by creating her pieces through the traditional stained-glass method. When she retired from her career as a college dean and athletic director, her art took a different direction.

She began expressing her art through a more modern industrial look. Her current work incorporates metal in the glass art piece and in the framing. Her pieces include independent free-hanging panels and freestanding sculpture.

Barbara states, “We are surrounded by bold and delicate, hard and soft, light and heavy in our everyday lives. I was once asked why I decide to put a metal saw blade next to a fragile piece of textured glass. I responded that it was the same reason I love to lift heavy weights and wear high heels. I love the juxtaposition and the contrast. My art is a reflection of how I live my life.”

Barbara has exhibited in one of the oldest and most highly acclaimed juried art shows, the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach in 2015 & 2016. Her work also was exhibited in the Art A Fair, one of the most outstanding juried fine art shows in Southern California in 2014 & 2015. Her art is also in private collections across the country including Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, New York, New Orleans, and California.

Phone: 949.280.9861–949.280.9739

Michelle Bruny is the artist and owner of Chel’s Jewels. She has been creating and designing jewelry for over eighteen years. Michelle creates one of a kind handmade creation for her Chel’s Jewels. Many of her pieces feature beautiful Swarovski crystals. This year, Michelle has added Badge ID’s to her collection. As a nurse at the local hospital, she thought they needed some uplifting glam to add some sparks to the current situation.

Michelle has enjoyed participating in the Art, for Heaven’s Sake show since the beginning of her jewelry journey. If you want to contact Michelle for a special design or purchase, please see the information below.

Phone: 909-841-6186


Adeola is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in several types of media. She has a way of bringing colors together to create a visual sensation.  According to Adeola, “When you look at my paintings, you feel the joy and happiness the colors convey.”

Her first public exhibition was at the National Orange Show where she won honorable mention for her work “Wings of Love”. She has since won many awards for her paintings and jewelry designs and has exhibited at local and national juried shows and also served as a juror for local art competitions. Her work is in both public and private collections, such as Toni Morrison, Riverside Art Museum, Chaffey Community Museum of Art, National Orange Show, Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House, and many more.

In addition to painting, she enjoys working with enamels and metalsmithing to create wearable art. Some of Adeola’s paintings have been shown on the set of Fox’s television drama “Time of your Life,” NBC’s drama, “The Others,” ABC’s “Greys Anatomy”, “Blackish”, most recently HBO’s “Insecure” and CBS’s “The Neighborhood”, Bob Abishola and others.To follow her creative work, like her page at:

To schedule a studio visit, please contact Adeola at:

Candy Glendening is addicted to color! She dyes fabric so she can have just the hue & texture she wants, and then uses it to make art quilts and “everyday art”. An avid blogger, she has had many publications in Interweave Press/F & W Media quilt magazines; 37 at last count. These publishing opportunities led to her filming 12 different episodes of the PBS show “Quilting Arts TV”.

The folks at Interweave also produced Candy illustrating her artistic process in two workshop DVDs: “Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art” and “Free Motion Machine Sketching: Drawing with Thread from Birds to Botanicals”.

By day, she teaches Biology at the University of Redlands in Southern California. By night, weekend, and online she also teaches quilting and dyeing. She shows and sells her work at local art fairs as well as the Redlands Art Association.

To view more of her work, or gain insight into her process and inspiration, please visit her website:

Check out her online Dyeing Courses –
Or contact her: for a socially distant studio visit.

Antoinette Hanson was born in Oakland, California. She has always loved creating art.  After she raised two children, she finally had time to actually do some creating.  This is when she was introduced to silk painting.  She immediately fell in love with this form of art and has been at it ever since.

Antoinette has been the featured artist at several shows in the Inland Empire of Southern California and in Palm Springs at the Desert Art Center.

Antoinette has also won several awards for her work.

Phone: (909) 363-6748

“With the use of bold brushwork and unique color harmonies, my paintings are not only faithful representations of places I’ve been but spiritual impressions as well.”

Southern California artist Jeff Skelly graduated from Cal State Northridge in 1989 and continued his studies at the California Art Institute and UCLA. With over twenty years of experience and widely collected on three continents, Jeff continues to find expression in the beauty of our natural world.

He has exhibited in numerous venues such as the Palm Springs Desert Art Museum, the National Arts Club in New York, and many other juried shows. Awards include the 1st place blue ribbon at Yosemite Renaissance XXVII juried competition and the Superintendent’s Award at the Joshua Tree
National Park Art Exhibition.

In addition, Jeff has launched a new website, Bigfoot Paints, that takes a look at the lighter side of life with a hilarious look at the daily life of the legendary Bigfoot. On the site are many Bigfoot themed items.


Theresa Van Ornum has been making art in a wide variety of media for over 40 years. She has also been working as an acupuncturist for 30 years and runs a busy clinic in Redlands, California. Over time integration has taken place between my her making and her practice of healing arts, each area feeding and inspiring the other. Her work continuously invites her to explore more deeply for greater depth and meaning and ever-evolving consciousness.  

Theresa divides her art-making time between her home studio in Redlands, twice a year in either Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico, and springtime in Florence, Italy. Her art weaves elements and energy from the rich landscape, history, and ethnic diversity of these various spaces and places. My current work is a mixture of the following:

Sculpted Paper
Working with clay she makes from ground recycled paper, Theresa sculpts lightweight forms for wall display, freestanding figures, and bowls as well as jewelry. She started out making only bowls and began calling the entire line of design “Paperboli” which eventually grew to include other forms with various functions.
Layering and combining techniques such as monotype, collagraph, drypoint, linocut, and solar plate, incorporating drawing, chine colle, collage, and encaustic.
Theresa’s photography is a way of not only engaging more deeply with a place and enabling her to record detail, often the imagery becomes elemental in other works on paper, especially her printmaking.

Contact info:


Linda has been an artist for 7+ years now but it wasn’t always her dream. It was an accident.
She was offered a ticket to a Redlands Conservancy’s Party for the Emerald Necklace fundraising event by a friend who couldn’t go at the last minute. It was an event to learn about pastel painting. She thought, “what the heck, might as well give it a go”. It was instant love for her. That began her love of painting and pastels in particular. She states that her vision of her world changed as soon as she began to paint, She sees beauty everywhere.

Seven years later she calls herself an artist. She’s painted all sorts of subjects but found her greatest success by painting Redlands. Her hometown is such an inspiring place with the history, architecture, and surrounding mountains.

Erin Grace Beardemphl is a stay at home mom, pastor, and ….dye artist! She takes linens and fabrics, with multiple levels of wear and use, and transforms them into something new. 

Scraps of fabric become a space to paint and draw in, creating visual liturgy. Stained napkins and table cloths become something that is useful once more! 

Erin lives with her husband and two daughters in Riverside, CA.


Dorothy Campbell spent her early years growing up on a tea plantation in northern India and returned to Scotland to resume her education in 1956. She attended Edinburgh College of Fine Arts from 1964-1966. In her first year, she won the prestigious Student’s Award in Sculpture and discovered the joy of working with precious metals.

In 1966, she transferred to the Hormsey College of Arts in London in order to study contemporary jewelry design under the renowned artist-jeweler, Gerda Flockinger. She graduated in art-design and was inscribed into the Royal Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

Upon leaving college she exhibited at The Craft Center located on Erlham Street in London and was the resident designer for Coro-Craft, a prestigious jewelry designer of the time.

In 1970, she was selected by Goldsmith’s Hall, London, to be the representative British designer in the United States. Her duties included showcasing her own as well as the best British talent of the day.

The scope of her professional career has ranged from the design of costume jewelry for major European accessory houses to the design of fine jewelry incorporating precious stones for the finest jewelry stores in the United States. Her vast experience in the jewelry field led to academia as an instructor of silversmithing and contemporary design.

Dorothy caters to an exclusive international clientele who enjoy and appreciate unique and original art wearable art. Her jewelry has been widely exhibited in the most prestigious galleries throughout the country. Her work embraces both the sculptured simplicity and the raw power of Mapuche and Inca jewelry of South America. This blending of divergent influences combines to produce a stunningly unique collection of primer accessories.

Phone: (760) 296-3552


Jeff is a retired businessman who turned stained glass skills he learned four decades ago into an artistic passion.

While living in Monterey during the 1990s, a renowned local stained-glass artist mentored and taught him how to bring his work to life, how to take advantage of the infinite colors and patterns of glass and let his imagination and creativity guide him toward the finished piece.

All this has given him an immense drawing board from which he finds inspiration. 

Margaret was the oldest of seven children whose father thought if you were bored you’d best go find something to do…

She made paper fans, paper kites, paper puppets, and, (surprise!)…..paper!
In college, she did collagraph embossing, mono-printing, and…..papermaking!

She is now old enough to use sharp tools to make multilayered paper bas reliefs in bright colors with intricate details. Her images reflect on natural growth and human growth with artistic interests in positive-negative space, radial forms, and subtle embossed details that reward those who come to look up close.

Please click on Margaret’s name above to go to her personal page where you can see more information on her work including samples of quotes from her garlands!

Contact information:
Phone: (909)783-2417

Sondra Hodson is a native of Redlands, California. She started Gourdacopia by Sondra with a desire to create art gourds and pine needle baskets. Sondra loves nature so creating art with the natural materials of gourds and pine needles is exciting for her.

At Gourdacopia, natural materials are put together with an artistic vision to make a new art object. Gourds and pine needles offer many possibilities for creating art. 

Sondra creates gourd vessels using her own original designs. She is inspired by designs from ancient cultures all over the world. 

Her pine needle baskets range in shape from simple pots to large bowls with interesting handles. Some baskets include agate slices wrapped thread and walnut slices. 

Recently she began branching out to make gourd jewelry. Both gourd vessels and baskets can be used to hold such items as potpourri or dried arrangements or they can stand on their own as a decorative art piece.  

Commissions are welcome.


Won Madeline Koh is a Redlands based artist who has painted for more than 20 years. At a very young age, Won loved to draw figures and was fascinated by textures and colors. 

As she grew older, she yearned to expand her artistic horizon. To do this, she studied fashion design and information science at UCLA.

However, her passion for fine art kept her interested in oil painting as well as watercolor so she began painting. Impressionism influenced Won’s painting which led to her paintings being loose and dynamic. The vibrant colors she produces reflect her enthusiasm for life.

Won is a prolific artist. Her artistic inspirations stem from her interest in nature and classical music.

She established her style while studying with Lucille Von Wolffersdorff, Anita De Carlo, and Fern Sirio in Redlands.

Won is a member of the Redlands Art Association and the Loma Linda Art Association.  She has received numerous awards including a first prize from the National Orange Show art competition. She has been a featured artist at the Loma Lind Civic Center and the Redlands Art Gallery.

Instagram: won_and_only_1

David Porras has been privileged to be a part of Art for Heaven’s Sake! since 2006. He has always been excited to be in the company of so many outstanding local artists and to talk with patrons as he demonstrated the throwing process.

Since this year, we will all be missing the personal interaction of this wonderful Art Show, we hope that his new video and online shopping will suffice until we meet again next year.

David’s love for making pottery began in the early 1970’s at Loyola University. He next worked as a production potter to hone his throwing skills. Not long after, in 1977 he opened his own pottery & sales gallery in Playa del Rey, California.

He currently works from his home Studio in Yucaipa, California. Please visit his website,, to find out more, and support Art for Heaven’s Sake! with your pottery purchase.

John Smeby is, for the most part, a self-taught artist. He will always consider himself one who is emerging – simply because with every year he discovers new inspiration, and enjoys pursuing different mediums.

Raised in Pasadena and educated at the University of Redlands, John has lived in Big Bear Lake for nearly two decades. His experience in 2019 as a guest artist at Quorum Gallery in Laguna Beach gave him a thirst for ocean air and a renewed desire to continue emerging as an abstract acrylic artist.

He has been a resident artist in Mountain Arts Gallery in Lake Arrowhead Village and Wild Coyote Gallery in Big Bear Lake since 2016. He recently exited 23 years in education (English teacher, middle school counselor and varsity tennis coach) and has released two books: Stories from the Classroom (2017) and Fusionart (2016).


Dominique Vialar never dreamed she would be a clothes designer, let alone make a living at it in America. In school, she studied to be an art director. Upon leaving school, her first job took her from her home in Paris, France to Casablanca Morocco.

While at Casablanca, she realized that she had nothing to wear and she didn’t like anything in the stores. To solve this dilemma, she went to the old part of the city, bought some fabric, and set out to make a top and a skirt.  She was looking for a kind of a ‘boho by Saint Laurent’ look. The outfit was a hit and soon she was getting orders from her colleagues, friend, and neighbors for outfits. This was the beginning of her career in “Art Couture” or fashion as art.

When Dominique arrived in the US, she found that people were more interested in what she was wearing than in the movies she was working on. People wanted her clothing. She complied with their wishes and made more clothes …and, to quote Dominique, “the rest is my little history!”
For more creations, show lists, and private studio appointments contact Dominique:
Phone: 310-829-4651

Stephen Wormser trained at the Art Center College of Design. His career as a professional photographer has extended for over thirty years. His clients range from Redlands families and local business owners to large international corporations such as Mitsubishi Imaging.

Independent photo shows of his work have occurred in Redlands and Hino, Japan (Redland’s sister city). In addition, he has had two independent shows at EOS Gallery. In 2001 he won 2nd place overall at LA County Fair for Landscape Photography.

As a participant in the Redlands Festival Arts in the 7 years of the festival, his entries have won 2nd place twice, 3rd place, and honorable mention twice for 2-dimensional art. His artwork is also displayed in the Kaiser Permanente medical building in town and many other locations throughout the Inland Empire.

The Wormser family has been involved in the photo industry for nearly sixty years in Redlands. His parents, Larry and Barbara, owned Redlands Camera for thirty-five years. Wormser and his parents owned Redlands Color Lab for twenty-six years.

Steve enjoys instructing others and has taught photographic workshops throughout the western United States. Currently, he offers photography classes at his studio located at 310 Alabama Street, Suite F, Redlands, Ca, 92373.